CETP Newsletter - May 2021

Last update on May 28, 2021.

CETP Newsletter - May 2021

IEA Clean Energy Transitions Programme
The IEA's Clean Energy Transitions Programme (CETP) leverages the IEA’s unique energy expertise across all fuels and technologies to accelerate global clean energy transitions, particularly in major emerging economies. CETP activities include collaborative analytical work, technical cooperation, training and capacity building and strategic dialogues. Our newsletter brings you up to date on our most recent events and analysis.

The world’s first comprehensive energy roadmap to net zero by 2050
The world has a viable pathway to building a global energy sector with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050, but it is narrow and requires immediate action across all countries to begin an unprecedented transformation of how energy is produced, transported and used worldwide, according to the landmark special report the IEA released on May 18.

Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector is the world’s first comprehensive study to lay out a cost-effective transition to a net zero energy system while ensuring stable and affordable energy supplies, providing universal energy access, and enabling robust economic growth. Building on the IEA’s unrivalled energy modelling tools and expertise, the Roadmap sets out more than 400 milestones to guide us on this global journey.

For more information, see the recording of a livestreamed launch event with the IEA Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol and the special report's lead authors – Chief Energy Modeller Laura Cozzi and Head of Energy Technology Policy Timur Gül.

Find our more by browsing through our report and read the press release. Also, explore our Net Zero by 2050 Data Browser.

IEA-COP26 Net Zero Summit
Global gathering on 31 March strengthens international efforts to accelerate clean energy transitions worldwide in the run-up to COP26 in November and beyond
The IEA-COP26 Net Zero Summit, co-hosted by IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol and COP26 President Alok Sharma on 31 March, brought together high-level representatives of countries representing over 80% of global GDP, population and emissions. As the first major global climate event of a year, the meeting served to spur efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions ahead of November’s COP26 summit in Glasgow. Key participants included Zhang Jianhua, China’s Minister of Energy; Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission; Raj Kumar Singh, India’s Minister of Power, New and Renewable Energy; and John Kerry, US Presidential Special Envoy for Climate; Amani Abou-Zeid, African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy; and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director-General of the World Trade Organisation.

Many IEA member governments supported the Seven Key Principles presented by the IEA at the Summit to guide the implementation of net zero commitments. The principles cover essential areas such as the need for sustainable recoveries from the Covid-19 crisis, the critical importance of realistic emissions reduction roadmaps for the current decade, and the development of stronger mechanisms for international coordination to accelerate innovation and deployment in major emitting sectors of the global economy. The principles also address issues such as technology collaboration, best-practice sharing, investment tracking, ensuring people-centred transitions, and integrating energy security and affordability into net zero plans.
Read the press release and access the recording from the Summit.

CETP Annual Report 2020
In its three years of existence, the CETP has helped expand the IEA’s support to non-members such as Brazil, the People’s Republic of China, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa – major economies that collectively account for close to 45% of CO2 emissions from fuel combustion and which represent over two-thirds of emissions from developing economies. The programme has also continuously expanded its regional-level work in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia by developing partnerships with major institutions and playing an important convening role.

The CETP Annual Report 2020, released in March 2021, highlights the programme’s objectives, activities and major outcomes for each priority country, region and globally. The report also presents areas for further work and activities planned for 2021.
Read the full CETP Annual Report 2020 and see the regional highlights.

Global Energy Review 2021
Global carbon dioxide emissions are set for their second-biggest increase in history

Energy-related CO2 emissions are on course to surge by 1.5 billion tonnes in 2021, the second largest increase in history, according to the IEA’s Global Energy Review 2021. This year's expected rise in coal use dwarfs that of renewables by almost 60%, even as electricity generation from renewables is set to leap by more than 8%.

At the same time, electricity generation from renewables is set to leap by over 8% in 2021, accounting for more than half of the increase in overall electricity supply worldwide. The biggest contribution to that growth comes from solar and wind, which are on track for their largest annual rise in history. Electricity generation from wind is projected to grow by 275 terawatt-hours, or around 17%, from last year. Electricity generation from solar PV is expected to increase by 145 terawatt-hours, up almost 18% from last year. Their combined output is on track to reach more than 2 800 terawatt-hours in 2021.
Explore the full report and read the press release.

India Energy Outlook 2021
India’s future prosperity will hinge on affordable, clean and reliable energy.
India Energy Outlook 2021 explores the opportunities and challenges ahead for India as it seeks to ensure reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to a growing population. The report examines pathways out of the crisis that emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as longer-term trends, exploring how India’s energy sector might evolve to 2040 under a range of scenarios.
Read the full report.

Electricity Security 2021
The energy transition involves increased electrification of sectors such as transport and heating, putting electricity at the forefront of the entire energy system and potentially drastically altering the balance of supply and demand for electricity. As such, electricity security will play an enhanced role in overall energy security, especially in the context of more decentralised power generation. Distributed energy systems are both more variable in nature, due to increased reliance on dispersed weather-dependent renewable energy sources, and involve greater communication throughout the system.

These transformations will fundamentally alter the electricity mix and the way the sector is governed, planned and operated. From a security perspective, considerations include increased attention to weather impacts and managing co ordination among various stakeholders within the system. The transition requires changes in technical specifications, operational practices and market design. In many emerging economies, electricity security can often be perceived as a barrier to increasing the share of renewables.

The IEA’s Electricity Security 2021 report, released on April 12, offers practical guidance to energy policy makers and other stakeholders on how to achieve a clean and secure transition in the electricity sector. The report has been produced as part of the Clean Energy Transitions in Emerging Economies programme, thanks to funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952363, and constitutes an important analytical and policy tool to support a practical dialogue with priority countries on the topic of increasing renewables and achieving sustainability goals.
Explore the full report and additional content.

Clean Energy Investing: Global Comparison of Investment Returns
Published in March 2021, this joint report by the IEA and the Imperial College Business School sheds light on the long-term prospects for clean energy and investigates the historical financial performance of energy companies around the world in search of broad structural trends. The authors extend the coverage of publicly-traded renewable power and fossil fuel companies to the following: 1) global markets, 2) advanced economies, 3) emerging market and developing economies, and 4) China. They calculate the total return and annualized volatility of these portfolios over 5 and 10-year periods.
Read the full report

Patents and the Energy Transition
On April 27, the IEA in co-operation with the European Patent Office, released Patents and the energy transition: Global trends in clean energy technology innovation.
Aimed at decision-makers in both the private and public sectors, this report is a unique source of intelligence on the innovation trends across the energy system, in particular low-carbon energy (LCE) technologies. It draws on the latest information available in patent documents and the combined expertise of IEA analysts and EPO examiners. It is based on an updated international classification of low-carbon innovation that provides a widely used standard for consistent and robust analysis of patents for technologies contributing to climate change mitigation.
Discover the full content of the study and additional material

Further reading on energy transitions

Highlights of Past Events

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31 May - 6 June       Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation meetings

2 June                      World Energy Investment

9 June                       Financing Clean Energy Transitions in Emerging Market and Developing Economies

June                          Electricity Market Report - January-June 2021

25 June                     Clean Energy Transitions in Sahel Countries Regional Dialogue

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    Popadalov9930526 on 08/18/2021 12:25 a.m. #

    The sweat was running down his face from his exertions, he looked at her reclining body as he regained his breath.You should do that more often, my love, it was so good the smile on her face widening as she spoke.Thats ok for you to say, you are not the one doing all the effort!Her laughing was almost causing her to spill her beer, I told you to take it easy, and that tree has been there for years. He looked back at the downed tree and the chippings from the axe he had used to cut it down and smiled, Well it needed to come down before it fell down as he gratefully accepted...

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    tdhgtn5668311 on 08/18/2021 1:45 a.m. #

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  67. Hindforemost9530696

    Hindforemost9530696 on 08/18/2021 3:04 a.m. #

    Of course you would see guys that way. I explained to her with a smile. You live with Carson, and have to experience the Carter family. From what Ive heard... Theyre not the best example of guys. I regained my serious composure. But that doesnt mean you can paint all guys with the same brush. If I was a girl and was telling you the same story, you would totally be on my side. Thats a little sexist, dont you think?...

  68. fdfzi3218358

    fdfzi3218358 on 08/18/2021 4:23 a.m. #

    Jennifer, would you please come in here and bring your pad!?! Right away Mrs. Burke, Jenny Olson answered into the intercom sitting on the corner of her desk, while scooping up her dictation pad and several extra pencils, Im on my way!!! Jenny could tell right away that Mrs. Burke wasnt interested in dictation at all as her skirt was pulled up around her waist and her legs were spread wide apart revealing her pantiless crotch glistening with moisture along the length of her puffy slit!!! Without being told, Jenny snapped the latch on the door, and after checking to make sure that it was...

  69. KorsaRz18494070

    KorsaRz18494070 on 08/18/2021 5:27 a.m. #

    Kori staying the night with me wasnt even debated by anyone; she didnt feel comfortable leaving me for my sake. Its an interesting sleeping arrangement with Kori in pain and me not able to touch her without hurting her which left me in the awkward position of being in bed with her but not being able to hold her. I get to sleep at some point and wake up Saturday morning with Kori wrapped around me for a change keeping me on the bed. The majority of the day is me wanting to run out and bring hell with me but Kori keeps me grounded at my house and playing nurse to her requests for most of the...

  70. AndrewFak4072264

    AndrewFak4072264 on 08/18/2021 9:12 a.m. #

    The steel posture collar chilled my neck and my belly raged hot as I kneeled on Andre Gregorys living room floor.He clasped the collars other two locks before circling around me, his eyes taking me in, my body bare except for the collar hed just closed around my neck and locked.Id read about things like this. While such stories intrigued me, Id never imagined myself in such a position; being bold enough to yield control to another human being, to subject myself to their dominance, their desires.Andre turned his back to me again, his hand disappearing into the box, this time drawing...

  71. Demonologist6713150

    Demonologist6713150 on 08/18/2021 12:18 p.m. #

    MY SECRET LIFE BY WALTERVOLUME-2Chapter IIUndressing. • Silk stockings and garters. • A tough virginity. • Triumphant. • Sanguinary proofs. • The second entry. • My foreskin. • Twenty-four hours fucking. • Gamahuching. • Six days pleasure. • Camille returns.The bonnet will be home, said I, let us go. Allons, allons, so off we went. It was dusk when we got in the cab. I am to put on the stockings if I give you a pair, and to feel, I said. No man has, cest trop fort, you ask too much; you may put on garters below the knee. Why not above? Oh! quite different, said she, in the...

  72. Sidic1164180

    Sidic1164180 on 08/18/2021 1:29 p.m. #

    It was a dark and stormy night as three young and beautiful nuns with big breasts and butts known as Sister Jessica, Sister Gina, and Sister Desiree were doing their regular practices at the holy church. It was the night of Halloween and they were advised by tradition to not involve themselves in this dark holiday as Halloween is the one night where the barrier between the physical world and the spiritual world is lifted and the beings that reside in these realms can intermingle with each other. While Sisters Gina and Jessica adhered to this sacred rule, Desiree was curious with the idea...

  73. Friezer3073934

    Friezer3073934 on 08/18/2021 4:27 p.m. #

    a few days later i woke up in bed but harvey wasnt there. i got out of bed and said baby? when i walked out are room there was a bag packed and harvey was by the door i said hey babe where are you going? harvey looked at me and said leon im sorry i dont love you anymore (these words felt like i just been cut with the sharpest knife) i looked at harvey and said what and started breathing heavey and started crying really hard harvey said im sorry im leaving you harvey opened the door and picked up his bag i ran to him and said harvey please dont leave me i love you please dont go harvey looked...

  74. Popliteal2999605

    Popliteal2999605 on 08/18/2021 5:27 p.m. #

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    Distichous7434449 on 08/18/2021 6:32 p.m. #

    Jenika however I told her that she needed to stay behind to help me clean up and fix the major stuff. Lori and Sandy stood still - staring @ me with their puppy dog eyes ... I turned to them and said one thing.Do you want to stay or go home and get rest ? Make the choice - but either way I plan on relaxing a bit and then getting this shit hole cleaned up.I walked over to the door and opened it - quietly the two older girls stepped out onto the step and into the dark.I closed the door and walked over to the bed lying in the middle of the floor - popped it up on its side and...

  76. sduf156173095

    sduf156173095 on 08/18/2021 7:36 p.m. #

    "Hey mikey" i said"Yeah whats up man?""Nothing, hey can you bring me a weeks worth of clothes?""Uh.. yeah sure man, where are you?""Im over at cookie and karina's house.""Umm. Oh yeah now i remember where they live, ill be there in like 20 minutes""Alright thanks man" i hung up the phone put my shorts back on and walked outside, until i saw his black sedan pull up."Hey bro,you got some clothes and a square for me?" I asked while he pulled the clothes out of the back seat and pulled out some cigarettes and we both lit one."Thanks man i owe you one""No problem...

  77. Liiy4065994

    Liiy4065994 on 08/18/2021 8:40 p.m. #

    We both looked at her pussy as she stood up and although she had never trimmed or shaved, she sported a neat little triangle of dark hair which looked fine.Julie made her lie on the floor and spread her legs.I watched in silence as Julie clicked on the electric trimmers and began to remove the excess hair.The buzzing of the trimmers (as I would find out shortly) had a positive effect on Anji and she laughed out loud and said, ‘Oh my god, that’s a nice feeling!’We all laughed and Julie added that this was a major reason for her shaving!Within a minute or so, Anji was left with only...

  78. Gossypiboma9870732

    Gossypiboma9870732 on 08/18/2021 9:44 p.m. #

    How are you doing?”I allowed my hand to subtly stroke over the front of his pants and the hard cock underneath.“I’m doing wonderfully.”I giggled, “I feel like my pussy is squishing.But, I am ready for next two.”I turned to him, “Thank you, Bob.”He only smiled and handed me to the sales guys who took me into one of their offices.They unbuckled their pants and dropped them to their feet.I moved in front of Jim, quickly taking his semi-hard cock into my mouth while taking Dan’s cock into my right hand.I slowly stroked Dan’s cock as my mouth slowly stroked Jim’s.After several minutes, I...

  79. Sattva2158477

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    ” You pick her up in a bar late at night, take her to a motel, and have the best sex of your life only to wake up in the morning and have her gone. You didn’t even get her name or phone number. Then for weeks afterwards you mop around about the love of your life that got away. You always thought that you were a “player” and that true love was a just a hoax. You search that same bar every night for a month afterwards hoping to find her again.Well my story isn’t too much different from those.I had just gotten a promotion at work and was celebrating by myself. I didn’t have any friends...

  80. Circumfuse8791839

    Circumfuse8791839 on 08/18/2021 11:51 p.m. #

    I stood up and grabbed her hand lifting her with me. She rose to my level and I placed my hands on her shoulders. As I leant in I spoke, “You’re the most sophisticated and beautiful woman I’ve met in my life, you’re not a failure. You’re amazing”. As I finished she stood silently and her eyes widened. Suddenly before I could even react, she planted her mouth firmly on my own and grasped the back of my head with one hand and clawed at my chest with the other. I was quite taken, however I immediately took advantage of the situation and pulled her hips towards me kissing relentlessly in rhythm...

  81. Rubrick9448219

    Rubrick9448219 on 08/19/2021 12:54 a.m. #

    Renee kept asking Bobby if he would do this or that to Tallia as She absolutely loved what it did for her. Tallia for all her excitement kept asking things like "What will it feel like?" and "Will i know instantly if we conceive?" Finally they approached the east entrance of the colony and Bobby lead them out the gate.As they passed the gate the guards inside knew instantly what was going on when they saw the 2 naked women and Bobby walking along with his loin cloth leading the way. He lead them out away from the colony for a short distance until they came to a clearing with a small creek...

  82. Margary1807153

    Margary1807153 on 08/19/2021 1:58 a.m. #

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  83. Djemma8103824

    Djemma8103824 on 08/19/2021 3:03 a.m. #

    " I said."I'm just use to having to ask for permission from all of the othe.." She said while Mason interrupted her again."I'm going to break you all of that ridiculous habit. I realize that you're all use to it because that's how you all were raised and stuff, but you know me. You know that I've never been like the men in the order and there's a reason for that. It's bullshit and it's absolutely ridiculous that men in the order only see you as property and objects. You're human and women deserve to be treated like the humans that you are. You're better than this and by the time I'm...

  84. Gyniolatry1226366

    Gyniolatry1226366 on 08/19/2021 4:08 a.m. #

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  85. DeBag4651364

    DeBag4651364 on 08/19/2021 5:11 a.m. #

    He flashed Harry and Ginny a mischievous Weasley smile and returned to sucking the chocolate off Hermione’s areola. Harry and Ginny continued to lick the chocolate on their side of Hermione, each taking turns sucking her nipple into their mouths to remove all remaining traces of the sweet. Ginny nipped her playfully with her teeth, and Hermione squeaked in return, as Harry scooted away to rest his back against the headboard of the bed.Ginny repositioned herself at Harry’s side, resting her back against the side of his chest and her head on his shoulder, so they could enjoy the rest of show...

  86. Pallium3251929

    Pallium3251929 on 08/19/2021 6:16 a.m. #

    I pressed down, just a hint, and enjoyed the grunting sound he made. I went inside then, leaving him wanting more for once. When the day Trouble Note was to play came, I made sure to be ready and look my best. I started my day with two cups of tea and a large blueberry muffin I had picked up from the bakery down the street. The rest of the day, I took care of my class assignments and got ready. I slipped on my new black bra, with the lacey frills and hot pink accents. A black thong finished my unmentionable ensemble. Next, I put on a pair of black jeans that hugged my ass, with a studded...

  87. oranget6274438

    oranget6274438 on 08/19/2021 7:21 a.m. #

    Will she agree? Sunday after our session with Willow I sat Ruth down. I thought we should calm down a little. We had seemed to be delving deeper into weird sex. Ruth asked me a simple question. “Can you tell me honestly that you didn’t enjoy our Gothic adventure or your time with Willow?” I sat there trying to find the words. In the end I had to admit that, yes, I found being tied up and watching her being used and then being used in return by Willow was great. Bugger, I had no argument against. “I thought so” said Ruth triumphantly “I knew you were enjoying the sex play. I knew it as soon...

  88. Bestiy5796957

    Bestiy5796957 on 08/19/2021 8:26 a.m. #

    “I’m fine, it’s just… well it was all too much for me. I have never felt quite so… I don’t know.” I thought that her reticence in saying the words that described her getting close to orgasm was perhaps a hangover from her upbringing where sex and all the parts that go with it are a dirty word and something to be ashamed of.And then, I knew, Helen was afraid of experiencing a full on climax, as if it were some hidden line in the sand that she dared not cross. Perhaps she thought it would be the ultimate betrayal of her marriage, as if being in bed with me wasn’t. Perhaps it was the fear of a...

  89. OwlChick6793711

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    I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on picturepainter123@yahoo.co.uk.Stacey - The BeginningMy wife no doubt thought that I fancied Stacey but she clearly never knew the lengths that I might go to, to make my dreams come true.My name is Paul and I am 46 and live in Scotland, my wife Daisy is a gorgeous and very sexy 41 year old and we have a happy marriage and good sex life.But then the girl next door is something else!Stacey is a 27 year old dyed blonde with a stunning figure and long shapely legs to die for.Whilst she...

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  91. Totipotent7182651

    Totipotent7182651 on 08/19/2021 11:43 a.m. #

    They had already gone passed two system sending out messages to anyone in the system hoping for a reply that never came, at first they thought it was because they were pre-eletronic race and couldn’t get the messages but after scanning some of the planets, they would every so often get a blip on the sensor scan but it would all was turn out to be either a comet or a stray piece of rock floating through space. The captain tried to hit on Jack a few times to which Jack was completely oblivious to as he had his eyes set on something else. True to his word Jack did give Lucie back her bow and...

  92. jorik95956761353

    jorik95956761353 on 08/19/2021 12:48 p.m. #

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  93. Sitatunga6316891

    Sitatunga6316891 on 08/19/2021 1:54 p.m. #

    I dove for cover behind a fallen tree.My companion dove too.He landed in a spot that was just frozen dirt, I was next to a pile of icy snow.Somebody threw an ice ball at me!My companion… I realized it was Tom.I peered over the log and saw two women with an ice ball in each hand – Molly and Cindy.I started packing an ice ball of my own.Tom said, "I got no ammunition! No ammunition!"I got ready to blast Molly, and…Why is it that I only remember the unpleasant dreams?I stirred in bed, then half awake, I realized there was a point to it.Tom didn't fight back against Molly and Cindy because...

  94. Raydon170565

    Raydon170565 on 08/19/2021 3:01 p.m. #

    She saw with relief that he was still too far away to have noticed any of what had just happened. She quickly smoothed down her dress, feeling very vulnerable without her panties.When the floor manager arrived Jack said, “Mind if I cash out first? I have an appointment I need to get to.”The meaning of his tiny smile was not lost on Lin.After a quick glance at Lin to be sure she was alright with that, the floor manager quickly finished with Jack and let him out the back door.Then he did the same for Lin before locking the door behind her.With her knapsack in hand Lin hurried...

  95. HeroineIsm8515794

    HeroineIsm8515794 on 08/19/2021 4:06 p.m. #

    “Up here boy” attaching his leg to the top of the headboard such that his leg was now above his head and spread open.“Right leg now.” attaching his other leg to the opposite corner of the headboard.“You bitch I wanted my legs down there, its uncomfortable in this position.” Peter commented.“You are to be punished, and for speaking out of turn you are to be gagged.” I placed a ball gag in his mouth with some resistance, which only proved to show how good the restraints were working.I then blindfolded him and left the room.The look in his eyes when the blindfold went on told me that he had...

  96. Mountbatten385142

    Mountbatten385142 on 08/19/2021 5:12 p.m. #

    I told my mom that i did not do the dishes when i told her that i asked Ani to do them so that i could study for my finals my mom said, yo should've done them yourself, they're your chores, and grounded me for the first week of summer from seeing my friends and going outside, except when it involved cleaning. that's when i started to think of my plan of revenge. I have 4 sisters who are Ani, Sindy, Lindsay and Maria. My mom's name is Teresa. They were all pretty hot but i seemed not to notice until i had a very big change in my life, something i never expected. My momand all my sisters have...

  97. Pedicular8339614

    Pedicular8339614 on 08/19/2021 6:18 p.m. #

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  98. WekNelly7593177

    WekNelly7593177 on 08/19/2021 7:23 p.m. #

    I laughed and poured her some more water and finished serving the rest of the bar. After serving everyone else, I stood at the end of the bar next to Tammi, catching my breath and just gazed at her. She looked at me and said “So what do you do after work?” I said “ Usually go over to the restaurant next door, get some breakfast then come back here and go to sleep>” She looked kind of thoughtful for a moment and said The first part sounds good, but you sleep here?” I said “No not here, as a bar manager I have an apartment attached to the bar. It is convenient, and I don’t have to go too far if...

  99. Villatic4324816

    Villatic4324816 on 08/19/2021 8:27 p.m. #

    He rubbed her slit over the flimsy fabric and noticed that the fabric was already moist. Now that Randy’s hands were busy elsewhere, Tom, who was closest took over playing with her tits. He gave one of her nipples a suck which made Cecile moan. Sam was now sliding Megan’s shorts down, her panties were pale blue lace. She looked nervous and the guys momentarily took pity on her. Sam sat on the edge of the table and invited her to sit next to him, he put his arm around her waist. He gave her more beer and pointed at the bottle of tequila on the table to ask if she wanted a shot. She nodded...

  100. djdfhgf3149223

    djdfhgf3149223 on 08/19/2021 9:31 p.m. #

    Tyler has always been a cool guy to me, especially through high school.I'm not a virgin by any means but I keep myself good and tight by exercising daily and I don't exactly fuck every guy that I see either.Had a few wild experiences as mentioned in my previous 2 stories, but overall I'd say I like sex if it's good sex.Tyler knew I wasn't a virgin and he'd kid around from time to time about doing this or that to me and we'd just laugh and move on, but back to where I was, we were riding in his car hanging out and he started in on me and was joking about sucking his dick and whatever and just...

  101. Virilescence8321889

    Virilescence8321889 on 08/19/2021 10:34 p.m. #

    Give us a kiss and we will see you Monday.Be good and listen to your Grandpa.OK, OK, OK Sandra said.They both laughed and said we will see you Monday dad.Sandy and Ralph watched them pull out of the drive and waved goodby. OK Ralph said, Take your bag up stairs. My big bed room is at the end of the hall.You have three bed rooms to choose from.They all have clean sheets and a TV.So which ever one you want is fine with me.Ralph watched his grandaughter walk up the stairs and thought about what a beautiful girl she is becoming.He turned the TV on in the living room and started...

  102. RiseUp7116960

    RiseUp7116960 on 08/19/2021 11:36 p.m. #

    I told Toby that I wasn’t sure about going to where he worked. Of course I was interested but I was afraid Trever may have been bragging or something. I was worried how the other staff would look at me. Of course Trevor was very nice but boys will be boys. However I couldn’t really come up with a good reason not to go. I decided to get dressed up. We headed for the restaurant. Toby seemed eager for me to see where he worked so I guess I was being mother.We walked in the all the staff were saying hello. Toby introduced me to everyone. The manager came out to see what all the noise was about....

  103. Segregant2228605

    Segregant2228605 on 08/20/2021 12:39 a.m. #

    When it gets real bad you get yourselves over here and we’ll take care of you.”As he said that he was rubbing his crotch and grinning. The other guys were smiling as well.Unsurprisingly both Piper and I were a bit pissed. We wanted to be horny all the time, and get a lot of sex; but we wanted it under our terms; not because some creeps had drugged us. Piper got up, pulled me up and told the guys to ‘fuck off’. We left them but as we walked further towards the stage area we soon got over being pissed and laughed as we agreed that whatever it was that they’d got us to drink was working; we...

  104. NarcCop2005194

    NarcCop2005194 on 08/20/2021 1:42 a.m. #

    I’m 43 and I am comfortably married, not happily married mind you but comfortably. I like my wife. I guess I love her, but I love her like I love my sister. No, that’s not true. When my sister hit puberty and suddenly grew big tits I was obsessed with them. But now that my sister is older, fat, and married that doesn’t happen anymore. Anyway my wife takes care of the house well and my children are being raised well so why fuck with it when I can fuck around. I sell pharmaceuticals and I make frequent overnight business trips which gets me away from my wife and with a good excuse. My job is to...

  105. Meropia8857490

    Meropia8857490 on 08/20/2021 2:47 a.m. #

    Een meisje loopt over straat. Ze is helemaal rood van de hitte. ze ziet een man met een lange jas. Ze loopt naar hem toe. De man trekt zijn jas open en hij vraagt: Mag ik mijn sneeuwblazer in jou sneeuwnetje stoppen?meisje"in mijn sneeuwnetje?" "Wil je?" vraagt de man"Ja hoor, dan heb ik het tenminste niet meer zo warm"De man en het meisje lopen naar een oud schuurtje. Ze gaan naar binnen. "Trek je kleren maar uit en ga met je benen wijd op de grond zitten."Het meisje doet wat haar gevraagd word.Het meisje ziet de sneeuwblazer waar de man het over had. "Wat zijn die twee dingen...

  106. EarthMother7063916

    EarthMother7063916 on 08/20/2021 3:50 a.m. #

    It was my all-time favorite chocolate cake smothered in a creamy chocolate sauce. Merriam served everyone but me and then sat down to enjoy her dessert. I thought, okay here it is, payback will be me not getting dessert. How juvenile is that on her part? However, before Merriam ever took a bite of her dessert, she looked over at me and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, Sean, I thought Karen had gotten your desert. Wait just a minute while I get yours.”When Merriam returned, she placed my dessert in front of me and smiled, "I know how much you enjoy my chocolate desserts. I made this especially for you."...

  107. KrakenBite2964994

    KrakenBite2964994 on 08/20/2021 4:53 a.m. #

    Harry nodded well i would like to have Griphook and Reaver working on my accounts please. The goblin looked stund, to request a goblin by name was astounding but trusting a teller with your money was underd of. The Goblin wisperd into another ear then userd them into a conference room. Reaver and Griphook entered with stuned looks on their faces both thanked Harry for the oppertunity."Now that we have all of this all sorted out how much do you think that buying the daily prophet would cost? Harry asked. Both goblins conversed wett Lord Potter you already own 20% of it Lord Black owns...

  108. RiseUp3862688

    RiseUp3862688 on 08/20/2021 5:57 a.m. #

    She became curious of other terms that were tagged; pegging, CBT, and sissy. Her mind whirled. She felt her blood boiling as the moisture in her panties had increased. She loved researching new kinks and fetishes; they always gave her something new to think about when she would masturbate. She loved the idea of all these things being done to her. But, the new words, they weren’t for her. Why then, did she love these more? Sophi found herself wasting no time in learning all about these new play styles and how best to do them. She had already looked up rope play, along with edging and denial....

  109. Lacustrine1448234

    Lacustrine1448234 on 08/20/2021 7 a.m. #

    S. soldiers and a band of warriors from the Apache tribe. Dressed in full battle regalia the Indians looked more than ferocious as they swung axes and threw spears at the blue suited infantry soldiers. For more than twenty minutes the battle raged on and the audience more than got their money’s worth as the soldiers defended themselves against the horse riding attackers! An announcer on a public address system described the action in vivid detail, which only added to the color and excitement of the event. When the last Apache was finally vanquished and a lone bugler played taps over his fallen...

  110. HereSheIs664542

    HereSheIs664542 on 08/20/2021 8:04 a.m. #

    Porn! The distinct sound of people fucking and pretending to enjoy it could be heard through the door and presumably in that room Brandon was beating off to it. Really? Did she not make the terms of the arrangement clear? Did he consider his needs burdensome? Without another though Tegan rapped sharply on the door, which was quickly followed by the noise stopping and Brandon calling out "uh, just a second". Tegan gave him to the count of five then put her hand on the door and invited herself into Brandon's room. Since he hadn't thrown the privacy bolt, he couldn't have been too concerned about...

  111. Ripieno6294555

    Ripieno6294555 on 08/20/2021 9:08 a.m. #

    I guess that's a given though, becoming an actor is the best way to meet women, because drama is a girly thing. But I did like girls, despite my hobby. But I never had anything more than friendship from them, especially the more attractive ones. I suppose that was because of the fact that I was short, slightly fat and a lot younger than most of the girls there. And it always pained me that the girl I liked at any given time was out blowing some other arsehole rather than being with me.Then there was Melanie.I had been in love with a girl called Lucy for about two years. She was fairly...

  112. Dalinara955807

    Dalinara955807 on 08/20/2021 10:12 a.m. #

    I for my part, actively sort pastures new and had a string of affairs with other women and fulfilled my sexual desires elsewhere. I learned some new things but I wasn't inclined to take them into the marriage bed because I worried that it would be viewed with suspicionBecause of my work we moved to a new town and a new housenext door to a slightly older couple called Marge and Bill. We quickly made friends and were often round each other's houses just talking and having a laugh. Bill was a Welshman and totally into Rugby and we could hear him shouting his support for his national team...

  113. Erotomania6174018

    Erotomania6174018 on 08/20/2021 11:14 a.m. #

    ”“When?” I asked?“Wednesday, come by at two, and we can have a few hands of bridge.”“I’ll have to clear it with Mr. Drew. He’s probably not going to be too happy paying me to sit here and play cards with you and your friends. In fact, he’s probably furious that it’s taken me so long to move a few boxes.”“Don’t worry about Mr. Drew, Bob I’ll phone him and clear you coming to play cards with us,”“You can do that?” I asked.“Sure I can,” she ended smiling, “you see I own this retirement home, so Mr. Drew works for me, and I suppose so do you, so what I do with your time is none of his...

  114. GO14085063

    GO14085063 on 08/20/2021 12:17 p.m. #

    Master was sitting on the couch reading a new book he had gotten. Once everything was sorted I walked into the bedroom and removed my heels and daisy see through dress. Hanging them Up I put the dress on it's hanger and put it by the door for cleaning later. Taking the heels I put them back into the closet and folded the bra up and put it into the proper drawer and then walked cheerfully back into the kitchen. Pulling out the large cast iron skillet on the stove and placing it on the stove and adding a good chunk of butter to the pan. It feels good to be out of the close and I find myself...

  115. MicroMash2279516

    MicroMash2279516 on 08/20/2021 1:19 p.m. #

    ..the next day me and harvey woke up about 7ish in the morning and got into the shower we was kissing against the wall (my back was really cold lol) we had something to eat and some coffee and i had a ciggarrete so are day went on and we both got dressed into are tuxes and harvey looked really hot in it i got a call on my cell and was told are limo was at the enterance of the apartments so me and harvey went down too the enterance and got in when we arrive at the formal dance we was greeted and we went in when we went into the main area harvey wispered in my ear "its really posh here...

  116. Absconcier669739

    Absconcier669739 on 08/20/2021 2:20 p.m. #

    Hermione looked up at her frenzied entrance. "Ginny? What's wrong? Where's Harry?"Ginny stopped in front of them, breathing heavily. She wouldn't normally be winded from the run up to the common room, but her fear for Harry was moving steadily upwards and lodging somewhere in her throat now. "Malfoy… potion… Harry… portkey."Neville stood up. "Calm down, Ginny. Tell us what's happened."Ginny took a deep breath. "We ran into Malfoy and his goons in an empty corridor. He dropped a vial with some sort of debilitating gas in it to knock out our senses. Crabbe and Goyle tackled me, and...

  117. Aexetan4611050

    Aexetan4611050 on 08/20/2021 3:21 p.m. #

    He watched from the corner of his eye as Cynthia smelled the glass tentatively.She took a sip and grinned. “Cherries. It’s been a long time since I tasted cherries.” She got wide eyed after a moment and smacked Daniel in the head. “You had cherries and didn’t tell me?”“Yeah, it wasn’t a great crop and he wasn’t selling them so he made me a deal. Seventy-five credits got me twenty-three pounds of cherries.Would have been more but had to point out the condition they were in. They did taste sweet though.”“I love cherries, you didn’t even share one,” she scowled. “You know that is the...

  118. Capeline5672278

    Capeline5672278 on 08/20/2021 4:23 p.m. #

    It wakes me up a little, but not much, and I get up to take a shower. I grab a towel and open my door, walking down the hall to the bathroom and stop dead in my tracks.I forgot about Curtis, who is now sprawled out on the couch in his boxers, his pale chest bare for my eyes. He’s snoring softly, and I smile softly before going into the bathroom and softly closing the door.As I turn on the shower, I undress myself, looking in the mirror. I suddenly remember all of what happened last night, and a small gasp escapes my lips. I saw him…and he saw me! A blush covers my body, and I quickly...

  119. SorKnight5426486

    SorKnight5426486 on 08/20/2021 5:28 p.m. #

    It was a standard bathroom; cozy fluffy matt, blue and green tiles, a large combined shower and bath taking up the back wall next to a sizeable window. Next to the toilet were a sink and cabinet with products and soap laid around the taps.After I had peed, I wiped myself and noticed my pussy still swollen with arousal and just a little tender form its finger fuck. I flushed the toilet and stood in front of a large mirror over the sink and looked at myself. My face was flushed and I had a big grin pasted across my face. My eyeliner, although a little smudged still made me look sexy as hell...

  120. Overseer3804736

    Overseer3804736 on 08/20/2021 6:33 p.m. #

    Missed calls from their parents, other family members, and even their friends. They ignored all of them though, and even turned their phones off in case of being tracked. Maxynn was feeling bad, her dad already lost their mom and now he was losing her too. But, if they couldn’t accept her love for Holden, they couldn’t stay there any longer. Holden began thinking of what Maxynn had said during their argument with their parents. “Maxynn?” He began. “Did you really mean what you said to your dad? About loving me and all?” She looked nervous and said, “Holden, I do. I do love you. I love you...

  121. MarchHare6422673

    MarchHare6422673 on 08/20/2021 7:37 p.m. #

    ”“Yes, Mistress,” Greg replied, embarrassed at calling his wife ”Mistress” in front of his mother.However, balancing his embarrassment against the punishment he knew he would receive, he complied immediately.“Greggie,” Katy continued, “remove your clothing.Aren’t you supposed to be naked in the house?Don’t be embarrassed, your mother has seen you naked before.”When he hesitated, Katy continued, “If you hesitate I’ll have to punish you.Do it and I’ll reward you before Mother leaves.Take off your clothing, NOW!”Greg was terrified; he hated being shocked, and the shocks in his balls...

  122. ShivaSid7105238

    ShivaSid7105238 on 08/20/2021 8:42 p.m. #

    She would blow him and he would tell her things about what is going to happen.”“Did he make the slave swallow his cum?” a new voice asked. “This slave always had to swallow when she sucked off a master and it made her feel sick inside.”“Men always make slave girls swallow.”Sara was mystified. She knew the words that they were using – cut, blow, suck, come, swallow – but she could not fathom their meaning in this context. For a moment, she pondered adding her voice to the discussion, but she was embarrassed to reveal her ignorance.“This slave heard that it will hurt bad when she...

  123. Sheld5751648

    Sheld5751648 on 08/20/2021 10:38 p.m. #

    After about 45 minutes Luke told me to go and see if the jet-ski people were there, that he wasn’t thinking of having another go on one, it was just an excuse for me to walk passed all the clothed people. I smiled and got to my feet.And wow, were there a lot of clothed people, most of them crammed into one area like sardines in a tin. I didn’t know how anyone could restrict themselves like that.I got quite a few people looking at me. I imagined that the men were looking with lust in their mind, and the women with either disgust or jealousy. I almost wanted to go up to the women with...

  124. KaboomView5838493

    KaboomView5838493 on 08/20/2021 11:42 p.m. #

    In an attempt to speed things up, Robert suggested, "You should do this on stage. Imagine all the people you could educate with one performance."The thought of performing this act on stage with an audience turned Marie on greatly, something Robert had worked out previously. However, breathlessly, she said "Dougie would never allow it. I'm really going to have to talk to Aimée next time I see her." Dougie was Douglas Dawson the current Lord Chamberlain, whose job it was to censor stage productions, Aimée was his wife. The suggestion did seem to have an effect though, "In the case of a...

  125. paffa1462335

    paffa1462335 on 08/21/2021 12:48 a.m. #

    i heard him get out of the shower and dry off. Then i heard him unwrapping the complimentary plastic cups and filling them with water. i knew he would want me to drink the water and my bladder was already bursting. He came back and laid down on the bed next to me. "Keep 'em shut," he said, as if he sensed i was tempted to open my eyes. I felt his fingers flicking over my nipples, first one then the other. Then his tongue. Oh how maddening that was! He flicked his tongue so lightly, but so quickly over the ends that were sticking out between the nipple clamps. This made the clamps bounce...

  126. Hakosu5012889

    Hakosu5012889 on 08/21/2021 1:52 a.m. #

    How did someone like him see me? No matter where I went that night there he was, staring into my eyes, I could just feel his eyes on me burning a hole through me was perhaps a better word. I went to the ladies room and looked into the mirror, my hair was perfect, my make up was perfect and my little black dress was immaculate and beautiful. I decided that I would speak to him. I stepped out of the room, and scanned the ever increasing crowd of people and I spotted him talking to a group of people, he handed them their drinks an then wandered back behind the bar. I looked to my left and found...

  127. BrutalGenie1529769

    BrutalGenie1529769 on 08/21/2021 2:56 a.m. #

    Mara thought she looked cheap on her knees like that but that it suited Candice. They'd been co-workers for the past year and had become friends but neither of them had ever thought they'd end up in this situation. Sure they both had a small crush on Dr. Leo but that was harmless. It wasn't until her husband lost his job that she would have even considered something this extreme.Dr. Post could see that now she was making a video and asked, "Why are you doing this?"Candice wiped her face with the back of hand and climbed up onto the operating chair saying, "We just want to keep working...

  128. Vermeology3660068

    Vermeology3660068 on 08/21/2021 3:59 a.m. #

    It’s kind of like learning to ride a bike as you are riding the bike. There’s a time for learning and a time for doing. I think now is the time for doing. We can learn later.”“I hope that’s a promise. That you will help me learn later.”“That’s a promise. You want to learn about something I’m interested in. And I think I’ll benefit from teaching you about it. It’ll make me organize my thoughts enough to communicate to you about it.“I’m going to wash your hair.“For the scalp, gentle massaging and running the fingers through the hair or touching the scalp with the fingernails can...

  129. ViaM1010230

    ViaM1010230 on 08/21/2021 5:03 a.m. #

    and Mrs. Michaels moved in across the street.I was a curious kid, and watched from my bedroom window.There was a large moving truck with two big Samoans and a white man moving stuff out of it.The new neighbours had a lot of stuff.The coolest thing I saw coming out of the truck was a Star Wars desk.It was only kid sized, but what kid doesn't love Star Wars?I was getting bored and was about to turn away when I saw her:there was a girl about my age running around on the yard.She had flaming red pigtails which were streaming behind her, and was wearing a grass green dress.I was captive to her...

  130. Papaur5228776

    Papaur5228776 on 08/21/2021 6:06 a.m. #

    Young children have young mothers, generally. Being a single parent I took every opportunity to visit all of the parks in our town. For a small out of the way community we had four places for our children to play. The elementary school had a very nice solid wooden play gym, the high school had a nice field to run around on, and the main Community Park had a bunch of slides and swings. Then there was the park with a swimming pool. They had a good size pool for the older children but they had a six-inch deep pool for the younger children. That’s where I liked to take my two-year-old daughter...

  131. Sumper1789926

    Sumper1789926 on 08/21/2021 7:09 a.m. #

    It was several minutes before we were able to speak.“I need another shower…and it’s… all… your… fault.”I rose from the bed, bent over to pick her up, and carried her to the shower.We kissed and kissed as the hot water ran over our bodies.I dried her, then myself, and we went back to bed.I had to laugh when I saw it.It looked like a hurricane had passed through.We worked together to make it then we climbed in naked, savoring the touch of skin on skin. As we fell into a deep sleep, the TV droning on all night.CHAPTER 4A month later not much had changed in terms of our sex life—we were...

  132. Incandescent1622700

    Incandescent1622700 on 08/21/2021 8:13 a.m. #

    The way she walked around in the office was indeed funny and people got suspicious and asked her, she told that her ankle got twisted but later she told me her pussy and ass was sore from the battering she got from me the other day.It was almost a week that I didn’t fuck her, my cock was aching to be in her pussy and my lips aching to suck her pussy and boobs. It was Monday and our bosses were in head office , so I planned to use the situation to the full.On an excuse that I was looking for a book , I called her upstairs in our library which was situated in our MD’s room, which could be...

  133. Haliburton9710586

    Haliburton9710586 on 08/21/2021 9:17 a.m. #

    He wrote it recently. ~ JennyWell, it finally happened. For a while, I had suspected that my wife, Jenny, has been cheating. I confronted her recently with my suspicions, and she did not deny it, well, not really.Before I continue, let me give you a little background on us. Jenny is 55, and I am 57. We have been married 30+ years and have four children. I am solidly built with some extra pounds in my mid-section, 6’ 1” with brown hair and brown eyes. Jenny and I are both active on several porn and swinger sites, some together and some individually. She has numerous photos posted, but if...

  134. Hek1364694

    Hek1364694 on 08/21/2021 10:22 a.m. #

    After I finish cleaning him up, my goddess walks to me, hooking her leash back up and having me stand, saying "What a good boy you are, and for the rest of the day I will clean all your pre cum." As she bends and licks it off my cock, giving it a quick suck, I moan and she stops - saying "Oh your not going to cum again yet. Later my toy.My goddess said to me "You were so hot, my toy. I have a few surprises for you today. You have made me so hot and wet. First I am going to talk to the other goddesses, Then you and I are going to walk the trail." She goes over and talks with the 5 other...

  135. Perlustrate8920119

    Perlustrate8920119 on 08/21/2021 11:26 a.m. #

    On one side of our house was a single woman.She seemed middle aged and was relatively unattractive.Being married and basically more gay than bisexual, I did not pay much attention to women.I did notice that Jo, the neighbor, did have a fair amount of women coming by to visit.Many seemed to stay overnight.My suspicion was that she was a lesbian and was quite active sexually.I did notice a few men stopping by as well and most of them were good looking.They were in their mid 30's to mid 40's and all seemed to be in good shape.Noticing this, I decided it was time to get to know Jo a bit better.One...

  136. Indium9111713

    Indium9111713 on 08/21/2021 12:30 p.m. #

    Another silent moment crawls by. “I’m just…” Holden begins. “I’m just trying to figure this out. Like you said, it’s complicated.” But no. It isn’t complicated. Holden knows what he needs to say. If he says it, it’ll uncomplicated things. A simple concept. But no. He can’t say it. He can’t – A vivid image suddenly pops in Holden’s head. It’s so bright and pure, Holden thinks he’ll go blind. And it’s all just a memory. Someone dims the lights and he can make out the scenery. A beach. Vacant. A beach towel has been laid out, and it’s baking in the sun because no one is there to shade it...

  137. Protoplast67710

    Protoplast67710 on 08/21/2021 1:34 p.m. #

    Gabe was so cute when he was asleep. Fletcher pulled the covers they were sharing further down to discover that the bed was still pretty sticky, and it smelled lovely.Fletcher looked at Gabe's hot body, and put his arm to stroke his cheek. He moved his hand down his soft body, to end up by Gabe's penis. Fletcher checked to see if Gabe was still sleeping, then he stroked his penis. He could feel his own penis gaining an erection, and he smiled. He tucked himself closer to Gabe as he saw Gabe was getting an erection. He put his penis next to Gabe's and soon their boners were laying side by...

  138. Vcf1Expugn193747

    Vcf1Expugn193747 on 08/21/2021 2:38 p.m. #

    Sandra seemed more used to it because she seemed to have far less trouble with them. Our arms were bound tightly behind our backs at the elbows and wrists and clamps with little bells were clipped on our nipples. Our collars were tightened very tight, making it harder to breathe and a leash was attached to the D-ring at the front. A dildo gag completed the outfit. As on command both slave girls lowered themselves on their knees at the same time after they finished their work. A second later my Master and Sandra’s hubby walked in and grabbed our leashes. My Master tugged hard at my leash,...

  139. Dilatometer6971713

    Dilatometer6971713 on 08/21/2021 3:41 p.m. #

    mmmmm...." Sandi moaned her fifthorgasm of the evening.Light sparkled off the sweat that poured over hercreamy skin.Her bountiful breasts heaved in ecstasy as Monica ate out theblonde's tasty pussy.The taste of strawberries was unmistakable.(Thatwas a great idea that Sandi had with the whip cream and ripe berries.) Hernew craving for tongue was insatiable; Monica ran her tongue over theprickly surface of Sandi's shaved twat.To watch them it would bedifficult to tell that this was only Sandi's first experience in the armsof another woman.She licked up the cum dripping from...

  140. gt758874873

    gt758874873 on 08/21/2021 4:46 p.m. #

    I've been working at a marina in the town I lived in. I also worked at the gas station my grandma owned. My family and and some family friends were all at my grandma's house. I just got my truck so I loved driving everywhere. We realized we were running out of beer and ice. The store was closed but they gave me a key to it so i could get the beer and ice. I drove up there in my truck blasting some music. I opened up and turned on the lights and went on getting what I needed. A girl walked in as I was about to turn off the lights. She was really pretty. About 5'6", thin, blonde hair that was a...

  141. Trilemma3712184

    Trilemma3712184 on 08/21/2021 5:50 p.m. #

    Everytime I went into the text editor, text would disappear, then reappear. I spent hours trying to connect the dots or at least see the end of the story. Eventually I gave up and just said whatever. I'm guessing that this site is a drupal install and an older version.While still with my ex wife, I was chatting it up with other degenerative perverts on a mobile sex site. I'm pretty sure the site began with the best intentions, but over the years every chat site becomes a perv site. Anyway I was talking to another dude who seemed to have the same interests. When I showed him a picture he...

  142. ZonePieta3444563

    ZonePieta3444563 on 08/21/2021 6:54 p.m. #

    Ame one of her fellow female instructors is just as fit and makes no secret that she is a lesbian.What Kay did not know is that Ame secretly crushed on her.Kay always saw herself as straight but did admit to herself that Ame is one sexy woman.Kay decided to jog to work that morning and decided to shower there just before work starts.She normally runs home or does her exercise in the afternoon but today she decided to do it in the morning because the afternoon she has an appointment.That morning went as planned until she entered the shower rooms...As Kay enters the shower area, she can hear...

  143. Univoltine9678095

    Univoltine9678095 on 08/21/2021 7:59 p.m. #

    She had volunteered for the service some time ago, and was looking forward to serving her country.The sign at the induction center read "new recruits this way", so she followed it and ended up in a room with eight young males who were also waiting for instructions. After some small talk, they were quieted by a sergeant, who entered with some male nurses. "OK, fall in!" he barked, as everyone lined up."First, the physical. Remove your shirt, shoes and pants and get ready for the examination" he ordered. "What room do you want me to go to?" asked Victoria. "You're...

  144. Bleckhard1321013

    Bleckhard1321013 on 08/21/2021 9:04 p.m. #

    He locked the door and put the closed sign out, he grabbed her hand and said, "let's go out to the shop." Bonnie followed him into the shop as he lead her over by her car. He turned around to face her, his back to the car, "ok now I want you to suck my dick." Bonnie nodded and moved to her knees in front of him, "yes master." She fumbled with his belt, finally she got it unbuckled and unsnapped his jeans.She tugged them down his fat legs, along with his briefs, exposing his skinny 6" cock to her. Ethan looked down, over his fat gut, trying to see what she was doing as he felt her take his...

  145. Skulldugger5460211

    Skulldugger5460211 on 08/21/2021 10:07 p.m. #

    I nodded. Back to square one. But she was still in the black and white top. “And so if someone gives you the evil eye, what then, you slink away and put on a bra? What is there to be ashamed of?” A waiter, not the waitress, approached with the food. “Dinner’s up.” She sat forward, lifted her tits and sat them on the table in front of her.I had to sit back to make sure the poor guy had room to put down both plates, one a little closer to me. He looked only briefly at me. “Do you need anything else right now?” Val looked up and said no. He left.“I think he liked the show,” I said...

  146. ElectricEel1158383

    ElectricEel1158383 on 08/21/2021 11:09 p.m. #

    Her husband, James, had been gone for so long, she couldn’t stand not being able to experience life and explore as a person. James had worked for only a few years as a world-famous travelling photograph in an upscale art registry. However, she felt the neglect, she knew that James had loved her, but he travelled so much while she waited and waited, not knowing that her husband had the same things in mind. It wasn’t that she hated or disliked her husband, it was the complete opposite. She and James had met in college, senior year, they quickly fell in love after sharing so many common...

  147. TravisCOL9515585

    TravisCOL9515585 on 08/22/2021 12:13 a.m. #

    He put his hand on her thigh. “They get paid more, for doing more.” His hand came up slowly to her hip. He rested it there. She didn’t respond negatively to his touch at all. “Yeah, that’s right,” he said, moving his hand up further until he slowly ran his finger over her hard nipple. “You would be great.”She smiled and then looked over at the Boss. “I don’t think so,” he said. “Not right now anyway.” He laughed and stood up.“Too bad,” the man said, still holding onto her tit. “You would make a shitload of money.”“Dinner?” the Boss asked the group.“Sure,” was the reply.Carole picked...

  148. Ian5Valvar7350183

    Ian5Valvar7350183 on 08/22/2021 1:14 a.m. #

    Holton," she replied, "there is a young woman out here who claims to be your wife and is demanding to see you!!!" "My wife," he exclaimed in surprise, "I'll be right there, thank you, Alice!!!" He strode over to the door and upon opening it, sure enough, there standing next to Alice's desk was Faye, his wife of three months!!! "Honey," he said in a slightly strained voice, "what on earth are you doing here, I am absolutely swamped!?!" "I just had to see you," she replied with a hint of desperation, "can we go into your office for a minute, please!?!" He was about to tell her he'd see her at...

  149. Ailurophilia5369912

    Ailurophilia5369912 on 08/22/2021 2:17 a.m. #

    As long as I kept my grades up, I was happy. Daisy would make me do things like join their sex games. Things would usally turn into an orgy, making Chris a very happy guy with three girls. He was rough with me but gental with Daisy and Kari.When normal sex, if you call that normal sex, would ge bored, Daisy always had a great idea. Shes tried things like blindfolding me or tieing me down. She would make me be naked for any sex game and now its starting to turn into everynight. She says to keep me in line she must spank me every night or whenever she feels the need. Afterward she tells me...

  150. CharlesGlync

    CharlesGlync on 08/22/2021 3:21 a.m. #

    We were in Lake City, Florida taking in an antique car show and sale.Paul had his heart set on picking up a 1958 Cadillac convertible to be offered the following day.Then he got the text! Emergency on oil drilling platform in the Sea of Japan!Down hole pressures fluctuating wildly!Your presence required Now! Your flight departing Gainsville Regional Airport, GNV 2100 hours for connections in Chicago.Be on it.

  151. Libanomancy249316

    Libanomancy249316 on 08/22/2021 4:25 a.m. #

    Suddenly Anna realises she’s remembering the events of that night. Trying to shake herself out of them Anna struggles for a second before giving up, knowing that she will have to relive them until the end.Watching as if through another’s eyes Anna sees herself walk across the foyer books into the hotel and goes to her room, later she comes back down and goes to the bar and takes a seat, she orders a drink and looks round picking out the solitary men, after a second Anna turns back and orders another drink flirting with the bartender. After half an hour she starts to feel herself becoming...

  152. Prepossess2861778

    Prepossess2861778 on 08/22/2021 5:29 a.m. #

    He looked down at the cute naked 13 year old sleeping next to him. Grinning he felt Ashley’s firm round buttocks pressing against his morning wood. He scrabbled around with his hand to find his cell phone and flipped it open. 7:14, he had time. Shifting his body down slightly Matt licked his fingers and inserted them between Ashley’s legs and into her cunt for lubrication. He then slipped his ready cock in place of his fingers, beginning the orgasmic grind. Despite the growing sensation in his lower area he noticed Ashley’s breathing getting faster. “Morning”“Morniaaaahhh” she replied as a...

  153. Hedonist9169639

    Hedonist9169639 on 08/22/2021 6:33 a.m. #

    I swiveled my bra around and it too landed on the floor. Nature took over and I instantly covered my large boobs and blonde bushy pussy; thinking that the young stud might be put off by seeing a 38 year old woman naked. “What are doing, you silly cow?” Lewis laughed as he roughly stroked his long rod; “Show me your tits.” I no longer had any pride to lose so waved my arms in a Salome fashion as he devoured my mature body with his eyes.“Fucking hell Courtney you are a beaut!” The young lad whistled his appreciation, “now come and suck my dick.” I sashayed the couple of feet...

  154. Brianingex

    Brianingex on 08/22/2021 9:26 a.m. #

    Alone, Kimberly just sat there, dressed in blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and a pair of black high-heeled boots covering her feet, the pants cuffs going over the footwears upper part. With her dark mane raised to the top of her classic looking head, beautiful Kim listened on and on as her stereo played a piece from Wagner, the prelude to Parsifal, an opera that turned her on; Wagners music especially doing something for her, its notes and measures having a gothic like quiescence, something which went well with her arcane and mysterious disposition.

    I quickly learnt just how much she enjoyed being licked and teased and thrived on the challenge of pleasuring her with my tongue and lips.
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