The Digital Utility of the Future

Last update on Nov. 4, 2019.

The Digital Utility of the Future

Ready or not, disruption has come to the energy world

The modern utility has to embrace innovation and shake off the conservative, cautious strategies of yesterday. Digital transformation is turning traditional business models upside down, with formerly lucrative markets squeezed and new value chains popping up as customer behaviour evolves.

Start-ups, like teenagers who baffle their parents with their seemingly instinctive knowledge of how to work a smart TV, are dragging utilities into the digital age with their more nimble structure and better grasp of new technologies. But policy and regulation are still mired in the vestiges of the previous analogue system, like a grandparent hobbling behind a toddler running ahead to the playground.

What’s a utility to do, faced with changing load patterns, the increasingly urgent call to decarbonise, new flexibility requirements, huge amounts of data to manage, all the while budgets are tightening? Starting next week, Engerati will present some answers.

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