CEER seeks stakeholder views on the Flexibility Use at Distribution Level

Last update on April 7, 2017.

CEER seeks stakeholder views on the Flexibility Use at Distribution Level

The CEER public consultation document on Guidelines of Good Practice for Flexibility Use at Distribution level (C16-DS-29-03) explores the role of DSOs in facilitating greater flexibility on the energy system. It sets out a draft advice for regulatory authorities on how to improve flexibility at the distribution level of the electricity network, where it is deemed economically viable, does not unduly distort markets and competition and delivers benefit to consumers.

CEER aims to collect feedback from stakeholders in order to define Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP) that will aid National Regulatory Authorities in their design of regulatory frameworks to facilitate flexibility use at distribution level, and for network planning and management by DSOs, where it is the most economical solution and avoids undue distortion to markets and competition.

Interested parties are invited to participate in the public consultation via a dedicated online questionnaire on the CEER website. No login is required. The instructions on how to fill in the questionnaire are also available on the website. Please note that only answers submitted via the online tool will be taken into consideration.

In addition, CEER has produced its Citizens' Q&A paper which provides with basic information on the key issues addressed in the paper in a simple and non-technical language.

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