Smart Grid Innovation Hub

The Smart Grid Innovation Hub combines the Energy and ICT industries and is a collaborative initiative between EirGrid, SONI and the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) to promote the development of innovative Smart Grid ideas on the island of Ireland. The Smart Grid Innovation Hub was established to create a facility to enable innovation in the Smart Grid arena in Ireland or Northern Ireland, with access to the people, systems and data necessary to test ideas and concepts and enable them to develop from ideas to reality.

 Support provided by the Smart Grid Innovation Hub (SGIH) is tailored for each specific project or company depending on its stage of development and/or specific support requirements. The SGIH works with each project or company to determine how the resources available can be most appropriately leveraged.

 The Smart Grid Innovation Hub has been in operation since October 2012 and has provided a wide variety of supports to a large number of companies during this time.

 To find out more about the Smart Grid Innovation Hub including the latest news and events check out our website, our linkedin page and our twitter account for more information. 

 Web: www.smartgridinnovate.com

email: info@smartgridinnovate.com

twitter: @SG_Hub