North Atlantic Green Zone

The North Atlantic Green Zone (NAGZ) straddles the border of two member states Ireland and Northern Ireland, UK.

North Atlantic Green Zone

The zone is at the forefront in facing the challenges of renewables (RES) integration. The existing installed variable wind capacity is already over 180% peak demand in the region while a remote, exposed location, results in customer interruptions already as high as 201% of the national average in much of the zone.

The NAGZ will overcome technical boundaries and leverage integrated market opportunities through advanced operations facilitated by high speed bidirectional communications.

Increased capacity, access and reliability of networks for all users will be seen through:

  1. Integrating renewable generation at over 300% of peak demand in a secure & stable manner
  2. Increasing cost effective variable access network capacity to generation
  3. Increasing network efficiency and delivering energy reductions of over 3%
  4. Improving the security of supply – reducing customer interruptions by 54%
  5. Assisting to Reduce RES curtailment from 25% to 6%
  6. A significantly positive economical and environmental benefit
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