About Us

Smart Grid Ireland is an independent, industry-led, networking cluster influencing government and regulation, promoting good corporate citizenship and actively driving technology solutions that accelerate the cultural and societal changes needed to achieve a digitalized, decentralized and decarbonised electricity network and improve the Island of Ireland’s international competitiveness.

Smart Grid Ireland is a founding member of the Global Smart Grid Federation and acts as the National Technology Platform for smart grids within the EU ETP for Smart Grids

Our Mission

"To contribute to the deployment of a highly decarbonised electricity grid on the island of Ireland by 2030 that meets the national policy targets."

In support of this mission we will:

  • Ensure an All-Ireland Representation and Engagement in Smart Grid Development
  • Establish an Industry / Grid Transformation Forum to engage with Utilities, System Operators, Regulators and both Governments
  • Support the EU Directive on Energy Security & Sustainability
  • Take a Long-Term, Stakeholder Centric View of the System in Transition
  • Explore the Potential for Demonstration Project opportunities

Our Terms of Reference

  • Collaborate – Work closely with all stake holders to progress initiatives that benefit the energy community on the island of Ireland
  • Inform – Supply expert insight on the evolution of energy delivery to Ireland’s consumers and the likely impacts on the Grid
  • Connect – Offer a forum for system operators, industry and researchers to join together to shortcut idea generation and realisation
  • Enable – Empower large and small enterprise to achieve their ambitions and deliver innovations which benefit Ireland’s energy markets
  • Create – Stimulate Ireland’s two economies by supporting the decarbonisation of the economy allowing energy industries and innovations expand their businesses to grow employment opportunities.

Membership Structure

  • Board Members: £10K (€11.5K) annual fee (Maximum 15 Members)
    • Value Proposition: Leadership Role and Strategic Direction of SGI Executive
  • General Members: £5K (€6K) annual fee (no registration limit)
    • Value Proposition: Bi-monthly round table update meetings; Opportunities to engage or partner with other SGI members / commercial activities; Bi-monthly Newsletters; Members only website information resources
  • SME Members: £2.5K (€3K) annual fee (no registration limit)
    • Value Proposition: Bi-monthly Newsletters; Members only website information resources; quarterly information sessions on projects and opportunity to partner in providing solutions.